Available resources on UNICITY natural products

12 of UNICITY'S natural products are listed in the Physician's desk reference. Some of them are listed here.

Take a look at these products and the positive effects they will make in your life.

A letter and detailed scientific information about Bios Life Slim (UNICITY BALANCE) is included directly below that supports the research behind UNICITY BALANCE - its affect on diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Please print this information and read it in its entirety.

Doctor’s Packet – Bios Life Slim

Letter from Chairman & CEO, Stewart Hughes and Scientific Data

Unicity’s 90 Day Prime Challenge

Unicity's Prime Challenge is a 90-day journey anyone can go on. It starts with defining your own prime and taking Unicity products for the first time; it ends three months later, living the prime life. It's a challenge extended by people you know and trust, and who you can press for real answers.

For those who reach their prime, the Prime Challenge is also an opportunity to also win up to $5,000. Eight winners will be selected each quarter, and will be awarded various cash prizes. This money can then be used to help you fulfill your prime lifestyle-embark on a new adventure, develop a new talent, or experience a new achievement.

Define Your Prime

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